• Shower Steamer Basket with Pop It

Basket with 5 shower steamers (4 cubes and 1 disk) with a random small pop it and ready to gift!

At Calm Your Monster we care about your mental health and that is why we have formulated our shower steamers with natural ingredients and pure essential oils

Why do you need our Shower Steamers?
Life is fast and hectic these days. Many of us do not get time for a long soak in the tub. So, why not make your showers more calming and relaxing? Our shower steamers give off an aromatic scent that leaves a rejuvenating and therapeutic effect on the mind and boosts the mood. Our steamers have been tested on many different shower types and will not stain your tub.

Directions for Use:
Simply place a tablet on the corner of the shower floor and let the water run for about 30-45 seconds before getting in. These tablets are activated by water droplets and steam - no need to splash water - and let the tablets work. Enjoy our Therapeutic Experience! Our Shower steamers are double infused with Essential Oils for a longer shower experience.

Lemon: Improves concentration & aids in circulation
Lavender: Relaxation, stress reliever and fights cold and flu
Eucalyptus: Fights respiratory problems like sinus & helps reduce muscle aches
Orange: Cooling, refreshing & promotes mental alertness.

***Please note any allergies or sensitivity as well as scent and colour preferences as every order is carefully hand-made just for you.

***Ingredients used: baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, cream of tartar, coconut oil, essential oils, soap coloring, or mica powder.

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Shower Steamer Basket with Pop It

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