• Surprise Mini Calming Sensory Bottle

This mini whimsical bottle is the perfect size for little hands!

Calming Sensory Bottle is the perfect way to calm the mind and emotions by shaking the bottle as hard as you can, even telling the bottle how you feel as you shake it and watch the contents gently settle to the bottom.

Children can benefit from these bottles during times of frustration, anger, disappointment, or overall feeling of overwelmness.

Children can improve their emotional regulation by focusing on an object as it settles within their Calming Sensory Bottle. Having something to watch allows children to begin to process their emotions. 

Our Calming Sensory Bottles can also be used as timers within the home or classroom for various tasks, or as a "time out" which I prefer to call a positive meltdown tool. 

All our Calming Sensory Bottles are sealed shut; however, adult supervision is required. 2+ years old.

Please mention what colour or theme you would like your bottle to be.

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Surprise Mini Calming Sensory Bottle

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